Pregnancy yoga

For Pregnancy Yoga Classes we recommend 60 minutes classes

During your class we will provide you with safe guidance and support during this important time of your life. 

As your pregnancy develops, your practice will change to suit the stage of your pregnancy. 

Pregnancy Yoga Classes can: 

Help to reduce stress and anxiety by helping to balance and calm the mind 

Help to promote a healthy sleep pattern through the various relaxation practices

Help to strengthen your connection with your developing baby

Can help to improve circulation helping to reduce swelling (oedema/fluid retention)

Can help to improve or maintain your flexibility and strength 

Helps to prepare you and your body for the birth of your baby by providing you with techniques for the most important journey of your's and your baby's life. 

If you would like to ask more questions or book your class at times and dates that suits you, subjected to Sue's availability, please Contact us 

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