General Information about Yoga Classes

 A little about our One-Hour class held during School Holidays

Our classes follow the local school holiday terms as we have a number of people who have childcare arrangements to fulfil during the school holiday periods. 

During most school holidays we do provide a one-hour class to which everyone is welcome regardless if you attend our classes or not. 

Our Karma Yoga (work) is to support others 

We support people who undertake fundraising activities for charities so if a friend or relative is fundraising - do remember to let us know

We aim to support three or four charities a year

We provide voluntary assistance to charities

We aim to support others by freely providing additional complementary therapies and advice within our classes

General Information about Most Yoga Classes 

The majority of yoga classes are weekly Hatha style classes that are accessible to most people regardless of age or ability. However, classes often vary in their level of ability because the majority of teachers deliver lessons that are suitable to the average ability of that particular class. For this reason some people find some classes slow and mediative and other classes may feel challenging.

In our classes we aim to provide lessons that the majority of people can access, enjoy and gain benefit from.

Our weekly classes are well attended by regular clients so if you are new to our classes you will soon get to know other people within your class.

If you have health problems or a previous injury that causes a mobility restriction we will provide alternative movements so to enable you to gain benefit from the class. Any advice the teacher provides is for your benefit.

Meditation Classes specifically focus on meditation and are often lead by qualified meditation teachers or yoga teachers with additional training and experience.

In our classes we often provide a period for meditation practice so to provide a holistic yoga practice.

Other types of Yoga Classes

The following is only intended to provide you with information about other types of yoga classes that are often provided. 

We apologise in advance as we are unable to deal with any enquiries regarding other yoga teacher classes. 

Private Group Classes are ideal for a group of friends, companies and other organisations. We do not provide 'free taster classes.' 

One-to-One Classes are private lessons and are ideal for those who wish to have private lessons or may require more support for a number of reasons. We do not provide One-to-One classes for adults. 

Pre and Post Natal Yoga Classes There are a number of local yoga teachers who provide yoga lessons for pregnant women. For this reason we do not provide yoga for pregnancy. 

If you suspect that you are pregnant whilst you are attending our classes, please inform the teacher who will be able to advise you appropriately as she is qualified to do so.

Advisory: Fees and terms of conditions of hiring a teacher are variable, so ensure you are aware of any additional costs such as hire costs of a venue and the teacher's travel costs. We also advise you ask to see the teachers qualifications, insurance, DBS certificate and any other essential documentation prior to hiring.