Eastwood Class


Springbank Primary School, Peacock Drive, Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, NG16 3HW

Directions: Drive down Church Street, Eastwood on the right hand side you will see a white building called Wollaton Village Day Nursery. Turn right at the next turning where there is a sign for 'Springbank Primary School Vehicle Entrance.'  The school car park entrance is through the double green gates on the right.

Before requesting a place in this class, please ensure you can arrive at this venue by 6.25pm so to enable the teacher to start the class on time at 6.30pm.

The local authority require that the school entrance is supervised at all opening times and this includes private evening classes. The school entrance will be closed at 6.25pm so to ensure the class starts at 6.30pm.

Class available at this venue:

Monday’s 6.30pm to 8pm 

About this class

Hatha and Pregnancy Yoga is practiced in this class and is suitable for all ages and ability. This is a general adult weekly Hatha Yoga class with provision made available for Pre and Post Natal Yoga 


This class's Weekly Class Pass will be phased out between June and July 2019

This class will be a weekly pay as you attend class from June 2019


Pay as you attend: £7.00p for a 90 minutes weekly class

If you are new or you have not attended this class within the past twelve months, please could you arrive at 6.15pm to complete a routine health declaration form so to enable the class to start on time. Thank you

If you are pregnancy or you have given birth between 12 to 16 weeks, please advise the teacher when you first attend this class. 

Please click here to Contact us to make enquiries or if you wish to book your class

What to wear/bring

  • Its best to wear loose comfortable clothing
  • Please bring a non-slip mat, ideally a yoga mat and a small blanket
  • Try not to eat at least 2 hours before a class
  • Last but not least — bring an open mind and heart 
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The teacher hires a room within the above venue and is NOT employed by Springbank Primary School. 

ALL correspondence has to be directly with the teacher and NOT through Springbank Primary School. The teacher will contact you as soon as possible between her teaching and therapy commitments.