Prices for one and a half hours classes

Class Prices

We have two payment methods for your convenience:

  • You can purchase your classes as Variable Half Term Block Payments.

The amount payable will depend on the number of weeks in each half term period, for example: Price £6.50p per week multiply by the number of weeks in each half term period: 

5 weeks half term block = £6.50p X 5 weeks = £32.50p
6 weeks half term block = £6.50p X 6 weeks = £39.00p
7 weeks half term block = £6.50p X 7 weeks = £45.50p
8 weeks half term block = £6.50p X 8 weeks = £52.00p  

  • We are aware that paying for a block of classes is not for everyone, so we do have a weekly payment of £7.00p per person per class. 

You can also choose a Variable block payment for one half term and if you have a holiday during the following half term, you can pay weekly. The choice is yours.  

Terms and Conditions

Variable Half Term Block Payment: No refunds, no concessions and no transfers of any missed classes onto another date or person. 

If the teacher has to cancel a class, a refund or transfer of payment onto the next half term will be offered. Teacher cancellation of pre-arranged classes may be due to any of the following: 

  • Weather/road conditions
  • Health and safety reasons
  • Unforeseen change in teacher’s own personal circumstances

Apart from the above teacher reasons for class cancellations, all payments are not refundable. 

Attending Weekly Class’s Regularly: If you choose to pay weekly, you can request a permanent place within a class of your choice. Just notify the teacher of any dates you are unable to attend to ensure you keep your place. 

If you do not attend a class or have not contacted the teacher within two weeks after the last class you have attended, your place and contract will automatically be terminated.  

You can terminate your permanent place and contract at any time. Please note: The teacher reserves the right to terminate a permanent place and contract at any time. 

Our Price Promise 

We aim to keep our prices consistent but if we do have to revise our prices and the terms and conditions, we aim to provide you with at least two weeks notice of any necessary changes that may need to take place. Our prices are based on our overhead costs excluding any form of salary. 

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