Our Prices

General Adult Yoga Classes: 

Cost: £20.00p per person for four weekly consecutive 90 minutes classes

Some of our longstanding class members have asked to pay each half termly. If you wish to pay half termly, please let us know. 

Children and Family Yoga Classes: 

Cost: £15.00p per household for four weekly consecutive 20 - 30 minutes classes

Pregnancy Yoga Classes: (Pre and Post Natal)

Cost: £20.00p per person for four weekly consecutive 60 minutes classes

School Term Children's Yoga Classes: 

Cost:£20.00 per school, per half term period for 30 minutes weekly classes

Our Terms

Before you start, please read our Terms here.

Our Price Promise 

If we need to revise our Prices or Our Terms, we will aim to provide you with at least two weeks notice of any changes.

We are not dependent on yoga as our sole income and therefore we can provide classes at a price that reflects our overhead costs. 

We believe in providing high quality Yoga Classes that you can gain enjoyment and benefit from. In order to provide you good quality classes, we access regular training courses so to enable us to provide high standards of teaching and guidance to share with you. 

Please contact us directly if you ever have any questions or concerns. What we do not know we cannot do anything about.

If you wish to join our classes please click this link: Contact us