Holistic Yoga Practices

A Zen Thought on Life's Journey

"There are times in life when it is desirable to practice a physically slower and a more philosophical style of yoga that focuses on harvesting the body's energy to promote health and well-being."      

Sue Howe 

A personal journey leading Acupressure & Zen Yoga 

I first became interested in Acupressure through a client of mine who is an acupuncturist. 

Often in class when explaining about how yoga works in the body or how to engage certain muscles within the body in order to protect the back or where to touch certain parts of the body to help to balance the mind and body, this client explained that the same parts of the body I was talking about are acupuncture points and acupuncture has similar views to yoga as to how the body energetically heals itself. 

I found an article about acupuncture that explained before steel became available, Chinese doctors use to apply pressure on various sites (acupressure points) of the body to heal various health problems and this treatment is Acupressure. When steel became available, thin needles were made and inserted into the acupressure points hence this practice became known as Acupuncture.

As a result of this article (the source of which I cannot recall) and of the discussions within classes, I undertook and completed an Acupressure Course. 

I qualified as a Zen Yoga teacher on 7/8/19. I am thrilled to be able to offer Zen Yoga practices combined with some acupressure within the classes I provide. 

I am also delighted to offer other styles of Hatha Yoga based practices all of which I am qualified to teach so that I can provide classes to address the diverse needs and wishes of the wonderful people who have consistently attended the classes I provide since 2011 when I formerly resumed teaching Yoga.  


Sue is a qualified and registered Vegetarian and Vegan Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and is happy to provide guidance if asked.

For your peace of mind: 

  • Sue has a current DBS Enhanced Certificate  
  • Sue is insured to provide Acupressure and to teach Yoga
  • Sue is always happy to provide evidence of her qualifications 
  • Please see tab About Sue to find out more information